The Community Pettelkau



Excerpts from the book:
Ostpreußen, Georg Hermanowski Publisher Bechtermünz Verlag, Augsburg (Germany), 1996

Pettelkau in Polish = Pierzchaly, County of Braunsberg; the estate Pettelkau (in Prussian = potilkow = Field or large Farm) is first mentioned in 1296; it appears to have been a cultural center for the pagan Prussians, and subsequently became a place of pilgrimage in honor of the Sacred Mother Mary; seems not to have become very popular as a place of pilgrimage.

It was a large estate with a small village developing over time.

Eventually, ownership changed hands to the bishop of Ermland (a region within East Prussia)

In 1341, the bishop "Hermann of Prague", gifted the estate with village to the canon convent; construction of a church in stone with a large chorus section begun; in 1343 the canon convent was moved to Glottau therefore premature stoppage of the church construction; church served the entire community; in 1405 once again the church is mentioned; it is one of the oldest churches in the Ermland region;


Nowadays Pettelkau is a village in Poland ( that part of East Prussia was annexed by Poland at the close of WWII);


The 1933 census counted 535 total population and 488 in 1939.